a penny for your thoughts

I often find myself pondering the thoughts and emotions which a person in a photograph may be experiencing at the moment which I see captured before me. I think this is a natural curiosity of our minds from time to time. The irony of a photograph is that it is just an image of an instant, a fraction of a second in your life, which will last forever. I find portraits especially interesting, being so close and concentrated on our main instruments of communication, observing how we play them.

I have come to see cameras as an external eye of their wielder, whose presence can not be excluded from any photograph. There is a unique chemistry and an art of dialogue entailed in every photo shoot I experience. It is a blending of ideas and movement and the sense of being present. Knowing this made me realize that although you will see the image as long as it exists, the observers perspective is what keeps it alive. Pablo Picasso once said, ”An idea is a point of departure and no more. As soon as you elaborate it, it becomes transformed by thought.” I’d like to leave you with that and keep you wondering…

-Sydney LaFaire

Photo by: Camilla Camaglia / Makeup & Hair Julia Rinkl


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