At Dinner

Sina Eslami and I spontaneously decided to film this scene of a woman in her home on the turn of the year, which is also the setting for the story we present here. The idea grew on its own and before we knew the complete plot, we were shooting as it unfolded. The characters in the narrative engage in a dialogue that maybe many can relate to within themselves. The story is open to your interpretation and through that it continues to form and become more to you and to us. Up until this point we have been the only ones working on the film from lighting, camera work, story development, acting and editing and it was lovely to have kept the project so small. We have submitted this short film to a couple festivals and would love to hear your thoughts on it. Please share them below.

To see more from the wonderfully talented Sina Eslami, please visit his website. He has recently relocated to Berlin, so expect many more things to come from our collaborations.

Enjoy the film.


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